You Won't Ruin This Pit

by Goldman $ucks

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"You Wont' Ruin This Pit" was recorded live during a 6 hour session in the practice room.


released November 19, 2014

All music & lyrics by Goldman $ucks.
Mixed and mastered by Chris Groneberg.



all rights reserved


Goldman $ucks Aschaffenburg, Germany

A'Burg five piece of noise addicted music maniacs-

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Track Name: Dreaming
Sometimes I dream strange
And then it makes me feel
Like I'm holding
The whole world in my hands

Sometimes in my dreams the whole world shrinks in it self
Everthing is so easy - omniscience is my abillity

In this dream - there is no fear
In this dream - everything is so clear

The whole world is so easy - nothing is difficult
Time is out of range and I know everything
No questions - just answers
No pain - no struggle
My good dreams are my paradise
With no hate and with no fucking lies

Bang! - I just woke up
Losing the smile in my face
Here comes reality back again and difficulties are its load

We destroy our world and kill each other.
We buy our love and hate each other.
Ignorance and stupidity is our way of live
In this hell it's hard to survive.

The world is build on lies
There has never been a paradise
Track Name: Not Everything New
Are these really the things we need?
Everything automatic.
In a not lasting quality
Are we able to survive?
If someone pulls the plug –
And we all stand there without anything in our hands
And we all stand in the dark.

I just saw you coming up my way.
The smile in your face, didn’t seem real to me.
And as you offered me your shit – I thought –
What’s good for you doesn’t mean it’s good for me

The pure and real things are what I want
Don’t need to wrap it in a blinding present paper
Your trying to push me to the wrong side
I got along all time and this it!

This is it and this what I said
Unreal things would just drive me mad.
I want to live by my own rules.

Not everything new,
Doesn't mean it's good!
Track Name: Force of Lies
If there’s something to improve
Then it’s the shit that’s going on around us

You tried so hard to keep it away from you
But who now should you trust?

But who now should you trust?

Do you still feel free
While it’s tying you up
Trying to blind you with things
You definitely don’t need

Full control over your life is sneaking from behind
Your shrinking area of freedom
Is disappearing from your mind

So come on, wake up!
And see there are much bigger problems around
Than the cheapest offer from a best offers sale

The force of lies is turning you to a wrong direction
So comfortable informed, propaganda is still working out
We can’t sit further around and just do nothing
The alarm already rang and we are overdue

Debilitated by your daily grind
That’s how they keep you quiet
That’s the reason we gotta stick together
Until our force becomes stronger than their force of lies


Do you still feel free
While it’s tying you up
Trying to blind you with things
You definitely don’t need

Wake up and get out of here
They’re trying to fake your fear
We must get rid of killing dependencies
These day it’s harder to find someone you trust
Track Name: You Won't Ruin This Pit
Friday night and we are heading to the next show
It was one of those things we always wanted to do
Stage diving, we love that shit
And always feel at home when we are in the pit
Take care of each others, ‘cause we are here to have fun

What I just saw was not okay
You kicked that kids head in and you are proud of it
What do you think you’re trying to prove in here?
And we won't take this abuse!
You’re wrong in here, man.
You do know nothing
We won’t take your doubled-tongued excuse.


Are you trying to be the toughest guy in here?
Are you trying to be the strongest guy in here?
You're wrong in here, man, and now we told you twice
You're wrong in here, man, you better take this advice
Better get out and kick some Nazi shit
And think about your way of life

Track Name: My Regeneration
Dark streets in late autumn
The next bar is on my way
Just went to forget a few moments
I went through today

Somewhere I made a mistake
Was I really responsible?

I’m trying to get some distance
And the view of a bird’s eye
To help me through this phase

Sorrow will catch me here
If I don’t start to struggle

Something pushed me here
So now I’m taking over control

And now I’m responsible

So I entered the next bar
There was a beautiful crowd
It just had the right scenery
To blow away my problems [which were left] from yesterday
It didn’t take long to get messed up
And at the break of dawn I had enough

Right time to leave and I felt
My Regeneration had started

Dark streets in late autumn
Way home through the twilight
Still feeling the moment I went through last night.
Track Name: Mr. George Orwell
What is wrong here?
You gave away your privacy and now you noticed it's real.
And didn't you know?
You gave away all you had and thought it's just for your security.
And did it surprise you?
That they've registered you, profiled you and know what you do.
You should have known,
that this is just the start, someone told us 60 years ago.

And you have stepped right into it.
Even you started it just a little bit.
You gave them so much so they can look right through you.
The bit you gave them is what they've missed
and now you're the clearest glass that's ever been made.
You gave away, what makes invincible.

And now they know when you go to bed.
You gave everything out of your hands.
But in one thing George Orwell was wrong.
They gave you their tools, the rest you did yourself.

You did the rest yourself!
You did the rest yourself!

But in one thing George Orwell was wrong.
You did yourself!
Track Name: This Is Ours
I’m glad to have the possibility
To play my music and feel free
To have some friends who feel like me
And have a place we like to be

This is certainly not for everyone
And even here the struggle is still going on
Just trying to make the best of it
And in this case we’ll try to make it fit

In some countries freedom’s not so secure
And if it would it would forbidden by law
Stand up for your rights! This is worth fighting for!
All this should bring some clarity before we fucking die

And in the end - HC is what remains
And this is ours - this makes us feel free

No industry will take it away
And if they try, we’ll just not pay
DIY is what we say
We’ll support ourselves and be relieved!
Track Name: Hate Song
Oh hey asshole, what about all that whinging?
Less followers on Twitter?
Your cleaning lady cheating on you?


You just don’t get how much I despise your existence
A hollow piece of shit stuffed with crap nobody needs

Post your life on Facebook
Tweet your foodporn pictures

How can you manage to live in this hell?
Living a life in a wishing well.
Pretty rich and famous is all you urge to be.
What’s essential to you means nothing to me.

Your little glamor world could not be more irrelevant to me
I don’t care about your diner party
I don’t wanna know if you consider yourself a celebrity

Your digital make-up world could not be more irrelevant to me
Don’t tell me about your botox treatment
I don’t wanna know about your latest plastic surgery.

Post your life on Facebook
Tweet your foodporn pictures
You pretend you're something better
But never do anything that really matters